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Azure - Connection Error : 403 after pressing Login button


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I have a strange problem.
Just migrated my portal to Azure.
Installation was easy and also the Login page is displayed correctly. YES!
BUT - when I tried to trigger any action (on the "normal" page or der "/server page) I always got an error 403. Then the page shows "Retrying.. xxx" x times.

My setup is the following:
1.) My web-portal is https://portal.company.com -> SSL (443)
2.) In Azure I have an Application gateway configures to direct the request to HTTP Port xxxx.
3.) On the VM the UniGUI Hyperserver is running as a service.

Not sure where is the issue. Anyone else running UniGUI projects like this?
In my previous solution it just works fine. Any special settings in the .cfg file needed? Anything else I can try?

Best regards,


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