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Passing data from external webpage


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Where is my problem. I tray to make UniGUI application that read barcode using webcam like barcode reader. From that reason I use external webpage (html file) whit Flash components on it to read barcode (sample see here http://www.gurulib.com/_scripts/barcode/gurulib_barcode.html ). Result from reading I get in small input box on bottom side. All stuff except text are part of one flash file. Now, I must get content of that InputBox to use in my application for searching database or other reasons.

Any ideas?

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I think you dont understand me...

First I have UniApplication with one UniForm. On this form I have one UniPanel with top alignment with one UniEdit on it and one UniHTMLFrame with client alignment.

After load external page into UniHTMLFrame, I use that page to read barcode. Barcode was automatically readed into InputBox on same page not on part of UniApplication. Now I must pickup data from that InputBox and put it to UniEditBox.

I think you understand me now. Also you can see sample of external page on link that I provide in last post.

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After load external page into UniHTMLFrame

What do you mean? UniHTMLFrame is local page, unless you create some <iframe> inside or call window.open()

External is UniURLFrame. Could you be more specific?


p.s. I can't test the page you linked since I don't have a webcam, thats why I need more information.

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