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uniGUI Project for Sale: uniGUI + WhatsApp via TWhatsAppBridges

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uniGUI + WhatsApp via TWhatsAppBridges

These examples/components/projects allows you to create a WhatsAppWeb session and control the sending/receiving of messages over the WhatsApp network using a phone authenticated via QrCode in the same session, just like in a conventional browser. The CEF4Delphi and TInject components used here are "Open Source" projects and have the originals published on GitHub (links at PDF doc). My three-component package called WhatsAppBridges makes the connection avoiding Middlewares, APIs and other tricks to make this connection between the parts (CEF4Delphi + TInject + your app).  You might use with uniGUI, VCL and Intraweb.

Connecting WhatsAPP with uniGUI/VCL Several modifications made by me allow to publish the QrCode in a uniGUI project and in this way start a WhatsApp session in a browser and remotely control at the same session via a StandAlone uniGUI server. This allows you to create applications as such automated attendants, chat support, operation bots, chat-bots, sales, invoice, ERP, CRM, “notifiers” by WhatApp Messages etc.

The main problem is that you have to build your app with Tinject + CEF4Delphi inserted in your application and such approach generates a high-level risk of maintained and dependency. There were many occasions when WhatsApp developer team made changes to que JS code and rendered inoperative for many days until the WA backstage community made some “workaround”.

The primary objective is to enable this to happen transparently and for integration with Delphi applications. For VCL, the TInject example itself already allowed this without major difficulties, although some adjustments were needed to “bridge” its functions to 3rd party applications like your projects.

Working Demo

Complete Info and Purchase Details


See more and get this other pack at https://www.uniguiexpress.com/Promopack04.htm 
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