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Alternative strategy to aproach to a cheap UniGUI Linux Web Server

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Hi Pals:

I'm propose a deployment alternative for those people, that don't want or can't spend much money for do a Web Application running on a Linux Server and using Delphi-Like data access technology.

My idea is to use the Delphi Community Edition/Professional Edition to develop/test/debug the application with UniGUI as always.

But to deploy to Linux, it have two options:

1) If You have/use the Delphi Enterprise/Arquitech edition, continue as allways.

2) If You only have/use the Community/Professional, the UniGui generates a runtime version of your application that runs/compile using the freepascal at cross compiling mode.

That way is not neccesary for UniGUI Pals to develop a Lazarus compatible screen designer, only they need to make code that compile with freepascal.

To do a debug in this mode will need debug procedures/functions that can write messages on the /var/log/messages file or wherever You want.

Obviusly is neccesary to use components that Delphi and FreePascal share or use compiler directives for it.

Wath do You think about?

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the community license, allows you to earn a negligible amount per year with products created by him, which makes its use in commercial applications totally unfeasible, you will develop the entire application in delphi, and when it comes to distributing it will compile with using a free compiler , you can be sure that the embarcadero will find a way to screw up your life. see if this really won't hurt the community version usage contract

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