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UniMemo and UniDBLookupComboBox linux unicode problem


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I have a strange problem with view the unicode char in uniMemo and uniDBLookupComboBox when the app runninig in linux. When I run app in Windows all work fine.

The strange thing is that on the unidbgrid component the characters are seen correctly!





While in DBGrid the characters are correct



This "problem" it is only under linux. In Windows everything is ok

Thank you very much


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11 hours ago, Sherzod said:


We will check it.

Hi, Sherzod

thank you very much for your support and sorry if I wasted your time but the problem of the unicode char is solved. It's not a problem of unigui but of an incorrect configuration on my application server.

It remains only to be verified because the icon to clear filter in uniDBGrid is empty on linux and correct in windows


Thank you very much!!!



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