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Problem changing UniLabels on runtime


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Hello, i have a little application in delphi xe2 with one form, 1 uniedit, 2 buttons, some unilabels, (image file of program is attached).


the program uses dbexpress to connect to mssql server database and only show data, not insert or modify, if press button "buscar" search database and show results, y modify the labels in the button:



lblCveCatastral.Text := qryPredial.FieldByName('CveCatastral').DisplayText;
lblFechaConsulta.Text := qryPredial.FieldByName('FechaACTUAL').DisplayText;
lblImpuestoPredial.Text := qryPredial.FieldByName('Imp_Impuesto').DisplayText;


but labels, don't show values, show default values i use in design mode (values showed in attachment),


the problem begins when i use quickpdf library (i think, before works fine) to generate report, but i delete library reference in uses clause, comment all code of second button (used for generate pdf), remove search database code,

the only code in button "buscar" actually is


      lblCveCatastral.Text := 'U999999999';
     lblFechaConsulta.Text := 'dd/mm/aaaa';
     lblImpuestoPredial.Text := '0.00';
     lblDifTranslado.Text := '0.00';
     lblImpuestoVencido.Text := '0.00';
     lblRecargosActual.Text := '0.00';
     lblRecargosAnteriores.Text := '0.00';
     lblGastos.Text := '0.00';
     lblBonificacion.Text := '0.00';
     lblSaldoConvenio.Text := '0.00';
     lblSubsidio.Text := '0.00';
     lblTotal.Text := '0.00';
     lblPagado.Text := '0.00';
     lblSaldo.Text := '0.00';
     lblSaldo.Font.Color := clWindowText;


and the problem persist, any idea??


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