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Can't connect to localhost:8077


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I've just installed unigui and succesfully compiled the SimpleDemo project.


It runs into the IDE. But I can't see it in any browser (http://localhost:8077 or


I've Apache 2.2 (but I've stopped it) and IIS7 (stopped).


I've stopped the Windows Firewall also.


Nothing to do. I've always the same result: "Can't connect to localhost:8077". :(


I've also make an attempt changing the ServerModule porto to 80 instead of 8077 but with the same result.


What shall I do? I forgotten to do some basic things?


Many thanks in advance


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Yes, for all demos.

I can run them in the IDE only.


I've stopped ALL the possible (antivirus, firewall, Apache, IIS7).


This PC runs well with Apache (I've some web sites on different ports) and with IIS7 also (I've a Web site in ASP listening on port 8081) with MySQL on port 3306.


I've also added a stupid rule on my router opening the 8077 port...


Nothing to do: always Can't connect to localhost:8077.


:( :( :( :(

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the attempt was the first thing I've done without success.

Anyway the localhost is already mapped on via the hosts file.


I've forgotten some basic thing? Like... run something... install something... :unsure:

Where is the unigui http server listening on 8077 port?

Is it an EXE? A service?

I'm sure that I've forgotten something... but what?


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ehm.... I can't find the right words to say... I'm so stupid! I've lost my and your time.... :rolleyes:


I've now understood that the unigui http server is INTO the app itself! Genial!


Now I run the demo in any browser also!! Hyp!


I'm so sorry...

and so stupid!


Many many thanks


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