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"name" attribute of input tag.


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Hi Farshad!

The browsers, by attribute "name" of input tag of the form, keep the information already entered by the user, so that the next time

browser shows itself when the user starts typing in an edit field. Examples are the login screens of sites

as gmail, twitter, facebook, and many others..

In UniGui this is not possible to be generated? It will be very useful for applications that often need to use logins or access of this type.

Any ideas about this?


Thanks for great work!

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"name" attribute is internally assigned. What exact value should "name" have to work with browser auto-login?


Hi Farshad,


What is needed is to have the possibility to set the value of "name" attribute of input tag for UniEdits, for example. Fields for User Login, for example, must have the value "email" or "login" to "name" attribute.


These keywords are recognized by browsers, such as: login, passwd, city, etc. ..


See for example the gmail login page, where you type the email address to login, the browser identifies the information has already been used.

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