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Hi there,


I have just installed uniGUI for Delphi XE2 Update 3 on a Windows XP SP3 system.


I have set the following project options:

OFF Strict var-strings

OFF Complete boolean eval

ON Extended syntax

OFF Typed @ operator

ON Open parameters

ON Huge strings/Long strings by default

ON Assignable typed constants


However whenever I compile I get error:

[DCC Fatal Error] ServerModule.pas(6): F2051 Unit uniExtUtils was compiled with a different version of ExtData.TExtDataStore

Any ideas on how to fix this?




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uniGUI DCUs are compiled with Strict var-strings->ON. It can be the issue.

Also make sure that you don't have a different version of ExtPascal in your search path.


Thx Farshad,


A previous install from months ago installed in an odd place was the problem.


Deleted it - all sweet now. Works with either strict var strings ON or OFF.




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