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First uniGUI demo on Centos8/apche

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I tried my first uniGUI app yesterday with trial version. I generated an ISAPI dll, and it worked well with windows apache server. I read some tutorial and watched videos, . But I can't do it under centos linux. Can anyone help me? Only a useable link or video is maybe enough (only english).

I have many questions like:
Basicaly I can't generate .so file. I choose apache 2.4 , not isapi, but deplhi generate only dll file. I have to rename it? WHat is the first step? Is there any step by step tutorial for centos?

THank you

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Thanks for your answer!

Yes.. Trial doesn't support, but do I need linux64 options to create .so for linux/apache? In the feature matrix the apace function is enabled.

And I have one more question. Ok. I will by the full version. Which delphi version can create aoutput for linux/apache? 10.3 or later? Or ealier version can do it?

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