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Linux 64 / Fastreport


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You are right, the is no linux lib in Fast report VCL, but the is a LibD27linux64 path in FastReport FMX 2 Professional.
I manged to compile this into a linux executable after downloding fmxLinux via getit.

My idea is to compile some firemonkey shared lib or executable and invoke it from uniGUI application.

Or, just compile a fmx dcu and refer it...

Could this work?

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if you have to install fmxlinux I don't think it is a good solution especially if for Linux we mean linux server which typically is installed without a graphical interface. 

Personally I prefer the solution I suggested you: Lazarus + FastReport 6 VCL and you develop a REST / HTTP / SOAP / TCP-IP service (the one you like best) that you query from your uniGUI app

Best regards

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14 hours ago, Sherzod said:


Please specify first, which edition and build of uniGUI are you using? 

Thank you for your reply
I have the Unigui Professional version v1.90.0.1567 and fastreport vcl entreprise 2022.2 Fastreport FMX FastReport FMX v2.8.8 in Delphi 11 Version 28.0.45591.0253 THANKS



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