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11 hours ago, diegojmap said:

I'm using fastreport server with unigui. The service is on the same server as IIS. It is possible to redirect the pdf generated in this call for http://localhost:8099/result?&varconexao_1=CnxIPM21X&format=PDF&report=ipm/extrato_GIA-EFD_sintetico.fr3&INSCRICAO=132374153.

Is it possible to redirect the pdf output to the external ip?



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5 hours ago, 风吹小机机 said:





Great !!!

is this :

• FastReport Online Designer ?

• a classical TfrxDesigner ?

• your  handmade solution ?


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On 1/16/2021 at 11:31 AM, fernando_dilo said:

Excellent work. Does it mean that you can design the fastreport reports with that tool, can you share it or sell the solution? can fastreport be used with linux and unigui?

My framework is a complete set of online development solutions

Dynamic framework level: Framework level, development level, user level

Dynamic restapi

Dynamic authority control

Dynamic online report

Dynamic module development


Linux is not currently supported

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2 hours ago, 风吹小机机 said:

Minha estrutura é um conjunto completo de soluções de desenvolvimento online

Nível de estrutura dinâmica: nível de estrutura, nível de desenvolvimento, nível de usuário

Restapi dinâmico

Controle de autoridade dinâmico

Relatório online dinâmico

Desenvolvimento de módulo dinâmico


Linux não é compatível atualmente

Do you intend to sell this solution?

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