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ext-lang-zh.js not exist


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I find a question.


In the log file

PrjWorkFlow: 00000EC8: 08:44:17:File not found: F:\Users\Public\Documents\FMSoft\Framework\unigui\ext-3.4.0\src\locale\ext-lang-zh.js


In the html source

<script src="ext-3.4.0/src/locale/ext-lang-zh.js"></script>


In the F:\Users\Public\Documents\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext-3.4.0\src\locale


the file name is ext-lang-zh_CN.js


Is the file name wrong ?


Thank you.

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ext-lang-zh_CN.js is for Chinese, ext-lang-zh_TW is for Taiwan Chinese perhaps. You can copy or rename one of them as ext-lang-zh.js


by the way, If I set Locale in ServerModule to "es" the message box should show captions of buttons in Spanish???


extract from ext-lang-es.js


 Ext.MessageBox.buttonText = {
   ok     : "Aceptar",
   cancel : "Cancelar",
   yes    : "S\u00ED",
   no     : "No"


also Caption of Form.



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It would be nice if


1- everything concern to language could be set at client level setting just setting locale, but...


2- It would be nice too if this could be dynamically set.


For example, here in Dominican Rep. people use Spanish as language for communication, but some companies have subsidiaries in Haiti, and there people use French, or a variant of French named Creole. So, the same application here must show interface in Spanish, but there in French. So, if in the generation of html file could be dynamically specified locale strings will be very good. Of course, by the normal way using OS locales could solve this, but many times you have a copy of OS in other language, not in your language. For example, I use an English copy of Windows for developing for many reasons, and there are many clients with non-Spanish copy of windows. So, setting this property to AUTO will solve by the normal OS way, setting to ES will be in Spanish, but setting to DYN will be "dynamically" set in the Event:


OnLocaleSetting( var aLocale: String )


It is an idea, from me.

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