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Printing Directly to Printer


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A time ago, I made a post here about the possibility to print to printer from browsers. I found a solution after that and it works well in the Chrome and FireFox, could be in Safari, IE and Opera too, but I did not test in these browsers. I found it a time ago too but I did not test until these days. It is not a Reporting Tool, it is a possibility to print directly to printer using printer's fonts like people use to do in POS Applications. Here is the URL, it called jZebra and it is continuous upgrading time at time. The latest version I download has the possibility to generate a PDF file. It uses standard java libraries and there is not mention about restricted license, at least when I found it there was not.




<input type=button onClick="print()" value="Print">
<applet name="jZebra" code="jzebra.PrintApplet.class" archive="./jzebra.jar" width="100" height="100">
     <param name="printer" value="zebra">

     function print() {
        document.jZebra.append("A37,503,0,1,2,3,N,ABC WIDGET CO\n");

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