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Voice Chat with different rooms??? .. has someone a help for me?

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it is not a real UniGui-Question - but:

I need a just-voice-only (no video) Chat with different "rooms" for 1000+ Users ???

  • the "rooms" are given - no user can create or delete rooms
  • a user should connect to a room - leave a room  ..and listen/talk in a room

i searched a lot of WebRTC and other things - but didnt found a usefull cost-free solution what i can include in my UniGui-app

Has someone an idea? .. a example .. a demo..? 



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I have been using https://jitsi.org/ for some months with success.

I installed on my server so that I can configure to my needs. There is documentation https://jitsi.github.io/handbook/docs/intro there you can find self hosting help.

It is free and open source based on WebRTC.

This is how I use it inside uniGUI you can configure usage based on your needs:

I only did not try to disable video (I use it for video conferancing) but should be possible with the configuration.


    'if (typeof window.jitsi_api !== "undefined") {'+
    '    window.jitsi_api.dispose();'+
    'const jitsi_domain = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx";'+
    'const jitsi_options = {'+
    '    roomName: "'+THashMD5.GetHashString(FTicket.ticketId)+'",'+
    '    parentNode: document.querySelector("#'+tsJitsiAPI.JSId+'"),'+
    '    userInfo: {'+
    '        email: "'+GetUserEmail+'",'+
    '        displayName: "'+GetUserDisplayName+'"'+
    '    },'+
    '    configOverwrite:{'+
    '        disableDeepLinking :true'+
    '    }'+
    'window.jitsi_api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(jitsi_domain, jitsi_options);'+
    'window.jitsi_api.executeCommand("subject", "'+UniMainModule.Config.Shop.Name + ' ' + UniMainModule.Config.Category.Name +'");'+
    'window.jitsi_api.on("readyToClose", () => {'+
    '     console.log("window.jitsi_api.dispose()");'+
    '     window.jitsi_api.dispose();'+
    '     '+tpMeeting.JSName+'.setActiveItemIndex(0);'+

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13 hours ago, andyhill said:

Mehmet, do you have a StandAlone Desktop / Mobile example ?

Sorry I don't have an example, it's inside my web app. Actually there is not much code other then including Jitsi JS files to your servermodule and the above  AddJS function on a form.

The more important thing is to have Jitsi installed in correct way to your server and configure it. And this is documented well on their website.

Just one note that it will not function (it will try to redirect to mobile app) on mobile phones unless you have this JS config.

'    configOverwrite:{'+
    '        disableDeepLinking :true'+
    '    }'+

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