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Hello !!!


Anyone here tried to make a touch keypad??? I had one component for windows, and I was making a new one for similarity for the web with UNIGUI. I use UNIPANEL, I put there UNIBUTTONS, and it works more or less well, but the problem is to keep Active the Control for whom I need inputs. In case of windows the buttons were not selectables, and the events key were passed through a windows api call. In the web is not the same, so I think I need to indicate TouckKeypad which Control is Active to return to it back and to send it the keys. What are you thinking about????


PS: I thinking about this, because in mobile devices the touch keyboard that phone show, sometimes is not good for typing, when we are talking about applications. For names, phone numbers and others in the phone, and in the notes it is quite good, but not when you are working with applications of other kinds.

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You can make a separate form in which the keyboard is implemented. By calling the form, you can specify the active Control in the Sender variable. It works. But there is another problem. If you need to transfer text to TUniComboBox.Text, then the OnRemoteQuery event is not called for this component. The text appears in the component, but the SQL query is not generated. Can someone suggest a solution?

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