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EOleSysError Coinitialize has not been called in windows 7 client

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i'm having this issue, when i start my application in my clients server, and i open the browser with the correct ip and port, i see a blank page and when i try to enter the server monitor the same thing happens, taking a closer look i found that in the applications log there is this error  "EOleSysError: Coinitialize has not been called", we have set the auto-coinitialize option to true and this doesn't change anything. Our client has windows 7 in his server, and we suspect that this error has something to do with the os libraries on that specific windows version regarding to multi-threading, so i would like to know what kind of libraries and OS specific libraries does uniGUI relies on, or by the other hand, if there is a way we can fix this issue, we are downloading a windows 7 image to try and replicate this behaviour, i'd be tankful to read your replies and hope you can help me.


i'm using uniGUI



clients computer:

- windows7 professional

- service Pack 1

- intel core i5

- 4 gb ram

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