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Standalone Trayicon Menu changes?


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I attach source code for related Form which is attached to tray icon. I haven't tested it but I hope you will be able compile it along with other uniGUI DCUs.


Hi Farshad,



first off; thank you the great UniGui framework - I'm immensely enjoying building an app with it!

(I'm building an app that allows me to control VLC for MP3 playback, from a central location, so I have audio playback throughout the house - so far this had it's challenges, issues with threading etc - but so far, all is going very well)


I'm relatively new to this and I have to admit that I'm not sure how to use your example code?

I've build a standalone app, so it already has a systray icon and a form for the server stats (like your example) - the wizard added all this already. I also added a regular form.

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