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Download File issues

Guest Efthymios Kalyviotis

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Guest Efthymios Kalyviotis


I have created a file the following way.



IntToStr(DevData.ID) + '_All_' +

IntToStr(Year) + IntToStr(Month) + IntToStr(Day) + ' ' +

IntToStr(Hour) + IntToStr(Min) + IntToStr(Sec) + '.CSV';


AssignFile(FType, UniServerModule.LocalCachePath + sFileName);






Then I display a link on that file:


ShowMessage('CSV file has been created. You can download it from ' +

'<a href="' + UniServerModule.LocalCacheURL + sFileName +'" target=new>here</a>');


When a user clicks the link, I have a new page that says:

Access Denied for file 'blah blah blah...'


I searched the forum and I found out that if I change the file extension to .txt, then it works ok.

This seems to me like a security issue. Does anybody know how I can overcome this?


Thank you very much


Efthymios Kalyviotis.

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