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A new uniGUI wiki / knowledge base is operationeel


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Dear forum members

I had the idea for some time to set up a structured wiki / knowledge bank for uiniGUI. From today http://www.uniguiwiki.com is therefore operational.
It is a wiki / knowledge base where as many ready-made solutions as possible can be found in a structured way.

The forum works well, but it is sometimes very difficult to find solutions. With the help of this wiki / knowledge base I want to add some structure.

Unfortunately, you cannot create a wiki post yourself, this to preserve the structure as much as possible and to prevent proliferation.
Maybe this will come in the future. However, it is possible to create some authors who want to post solutions or help.

Everyone may have code, tips / tricks that they want to make available on the wiki. I therefore depend on your help to fill this wiki as a
central knowledge base. For this I have created an 'upload facility' where you can upload examples. I will then view, assess and make this
available on the wiki.

To access the wiki / knowledge base, you must create an account and then you can consult the wiki / knowledge base and upload any code.

If you have any suggestions, please use the contact form on the site or send a PM via the forum.


Regards Peter

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Help us to grow www.uniguiwiki.com with unigui examples and code.
We are still looking for content for the wiki / knowledge base.

Do you have ready-made code / examples / links on the forum that we can include and make available in a structured way:
- mail to registration@uniguiwiki.com
- use the upload function at www.uniguiwiki.com
- send a PM through the forum

Happy coding...regards



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49 minutes ago, mierlp said:

18.11.2020 add some new tip about uniImage, uniDateTimePicker, uniFieldset, uniProgressbar, uniTagfield, uniRadiogroup


great site, thank you.


Please, check the following code

( config.maxValue instead of  config.increment)



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