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Trial Setup EXE doesn't work on my XP machine

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I downloaded the latest trial version


And when I dbl-click to run it, I get an error message indicating that it's "not a valid win32 application"

The prior version of back in March 2020 worked just fine.

I am running on an XP SP3 machine.

An interesting thing is that I downloaded it on one of my Windows 2008R2 servers and it installed just fine. And I looked at the task manager and it was running as a 32bit application. So I thought maybe my XP download was corrupted. So I COPIED the exe that worked on the windows server over to my XP macine and the files compared identical and it, still, did not run on the xp machine.


Did you change some settings in the Inno setup program that you use to build the install program?

What can I do to maybe extract out everything that's inside the setup exe so that I can run the setup, from some kind of extraction folder. Look'n for ideas.




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 It turns out that the INNO setup program, that produces the FMSoft EXE files, no longer supports XP. So made use of their OLDER version of INNO soft's setup program.

I looked for an INNO extractor tool and found one by HAVY soft at...


This allowed me to extract the files into a folder. I then installed and ran it. I chose your 


file and then EXTRACTED the files to a temp folder that I created.


Then I downloaded the INNO SETUP version 5.6.1


I then installed and ran it. I then loaded the ISS file from the extraction folder from the previous step...


Then I removed the first 3 characters at the top of the script file. They were garbage since it's not UNICODE.

THEN I changed all references to 0.0,6.0;  to  0.0,5.0;

Then I COMPILED the script to produce the output EXE installer program that would be used to install the FMSoft software.

I then used THAT output EXE program to do the normal installation and it worked 😍



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