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Remote Desktop Area or CPANEL ?

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My program was deployed and works well on Localhost (Unigui + DLL + Apache). In localhost I just type http: // localhost / MyProgram and the program opens correctly.

My provider seems not to understand my question and I will put it here. No documentation to try to learn alone.

In my provider there is a Remote Desktop and also an access through CPANEL

REMOTE DESKTOP: To deploy I tried to replicate in Remote Desktop the same  I did on my localhost. I installed Apache (Xampp), created the DLL's directory and put the same file httpd.conf. However, at the end of the Xampp installation comes a message “could not open the Xampp Panel”. The little orange button appears at the bottom right of the Remote Area screen but, if I click it, it shows Apache and others disabled. The fact is that the Start button on  Xampp panel does not connect.

Using CPANEL: A colleague told me that I need just to create a subdomain pointing to my application. It is easy to create sub domains for html. However, where in CPANEL can I direct to an index.dll? I could not find where. See the figure



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