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Bug with unidblookupcombobox - second post


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I'm still having a problem with unidblookupcombobox when using the mode umNameValue.

I have a unidblookupcombobox filled with customers with the mode umNameValue to be sure that the correct customer is selected.

I also have a trigger on the unidblookupcombobox that allow the user to create a new customer if not present in the list.

When the user clicks the button to create a new customer, he gets a popup where he can create the customer.

When returning, in the callback I refresh the list linked to the unidblookupcombobox to have the new customer included in the list.

When selecting the new customer, I always get index out of bounds.

I don't have it when using mode umNameOnly.


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thank you for your answer, but it does not seems to solve the issue.

I've tried with the following code (removed the datasource and the listsource just to be sure) in the callback but I still get index out of bounds.

procedure TQuotesAddFrm.CallBackInsertUpdateAccount(Sender: TComponent; AResult: Integer);
  if CrmAccounts.Active
  then begin
         ComboAccount.DataSource := nil;
         ComboAccount.ListSource := nil;
         ComboAccount.ListSource := DsCrmAccounts;
         ComboAccount.DataSource := DsHeaderWork;
         if UniMainModule.Result_dbAction <> 0
         then UniFinancialModule.HeaderWork.FieldByName('Account').AsInteger := UniMainModule.Result_dbAction;

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