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How can I run 64bit HyperService with 32bit UniGUI EXE in different folders

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I have developed a 32bit UniGUI EXE app running as nodes on the 64bit HyperService. I prefer to leave the nodes at 32bit for various reasons and dependencies.

For SSL Support, HyperServiceneeds to find the 64bit edition of the OpenSSL libraries (libeay32.dll & ssleay32.dll).

My 32bit UnGUI app uses the 32bit  libpq.dll library to talk to PostgreSQL. However libpq.dll needs to find the 32bit edition of the same OpenSSL libararies.

Having both the 32bit & 64bit OpenSSL libraries in the same startup folder is not possible, as they have the same filenames. I can put the OpenSSL libraries on a search path or in the respective Windows\System32 folders, and all works fine.

For easier deployment, ideally I want the 64bit HyperService.exe and  its config files in one folder (say x64) and the 32bit UniGui.Dll in another folder (say x86). I was hoping setting the "server_root" option in hyper_service.cfg would allow me to do this, but it does not work.

So my question:
Is there a way to start HyperService.exe in a different folder to the UniGUI.exe?




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When SSL is handled by HyperServer you don't need to enable SSL in your nodes.

Regarding folders, HyperServer looks for the node EXE files in the current directory. A setup with nodes in different folders is not tested yet.

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