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Next features? IndexedDb and ... STATELESS!!

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Hi Farshad, I have seen an indexedDb component in Tms Web Core that is very useful; With an IndexedDb dataset component we can store data into client browser area and use for very intensive operations (lookups, realtime calculation, etc...) without interact with server data but only local data. For. ex., we can have quick lookups without web latence.
Well, Unigui is a stateful fantastic product. And this is clear. But we cannot use Unigui for "standard" web concept, like portals, etc, that don't need a state but only show informations, so without session management.
What about a "stateless" part of Unigui, without session management?
In my projects I can have a "public" area with only generic data display, and another with login under session management.
You think is possibile to create a similar solution in the future?

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