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uniGUI DOES Humane.JS (Updated)

>>Why humane.js:

A simple, modern, framework-independent, well-tested, unobtrusive, notification system.
Utilizes CSS transitions when available, falls back to JS animation when not available. Includes mobile support and tested OK on uniGUI.

It's not a component, just classes calling procedures hence no future problems with uniGUI and Ext.JS updates.

You can work with no worries in Desktop and Mobile (Android e iOS) and is very simple to use IN your current projects and get read of ShowMessages and Messagedlg with more style and nice UI.  

See Humane.ShowMessage ( mytext, theme, style). I create this procedure to facilitate showmessage replacement and usage.  

>>Supports and compatibility:

Internet Explorer 7+
Firefox 3+
Chrome 9+
Safari 3+
Opera 10+
iOS 4+
Android 2+

Uses CSS Transitions where available otherwise falls back to JS animation, degrades gracefully.

>>How to use in uniGUI

1-Declare in ServerModule.CustomFiles

2- Declare humanejs at USES clause of your unit.
3- See main example Desktop or Mobile.
4- Same code works the same in Desktop and Mobile.
5- This example also contains Mainm Form for your tests.

>>This version is updated to the latest humane.js

a. New themes.
b. Procedures refactored to Delphi code.
c. and I added some new codes to the original since it had some major changes to make easy theme selection, style etc.

See procedures in humanejs.pas on Mainform.

>>This code is originally based on zilav post, see:



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