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Datalogic with Windows CE

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If i want to develop a little application to register stock inventory with DATALOGIC MEMOR (built in with Windows ce 6 and barcode scanner embedded) what is the way ?

I try with mobile application and unigui application but nothing works… it say "loading…"

Feature are...

Microsoft Intenet Explorer

Mozilla/4.0 (Compatibile; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)









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Why not using simply a smartPhone ?

DataLogic win CE is an old device with a lot off difficulty for typing.

Solution :

- Develope your unigui Application for inventory,

- Deploy it on a server

- open your favorit browser on your smartphone and lauch your unigui Appli  via internet.

- scan your articles with some thing like this (thx to our Maestro SHERZOD)



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Hi Stefano, 

I don't know if you know that Microsoft is ending Windows CE.... the browser in it is very old.

Zebra, Motorola now all have Android versions off their handscanners.

We sell a lot of TC20 from Zebra. They are less than a third of the price of a Memor.

It's good managable and the browser works nicely together with the scanner. (Tools to configure it is DataWedge, included with the Device)

We tried UNIGui apps on it, they work just fine.




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