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[question] how to get the JsId of a UniForm ?

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I am testing something in scene of dynamic create Frame/Form .

As a rule,  in one From or Form , we can call jscode  ajaxRequest(sender,"method",[{Params}] ); ,

and respond to delphi procedure AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent;  EventName: string; Params: TUniStrings); .

sender ==>  Ext.getCmp("id"),     id ==> sender.id  (jscode) .

id of Frame ==> frame.FormRegion.JsId; (pascalcode) .

if we pass id  of target Frame to source Form ,  then we can call  target frame's method  by 




 in source Form .

same thing with Frame and Frame.

id of Form ,I can't get , (but we have form.show(callbackproc) and form.showmodal(callbackproc) ).

So, how to get the JsId of a UniForm ?


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