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Can I run .dll in Apache2 in Linux?


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First question, can it(.dll) run in apache2 in Linux?

I tried to run .dll in Apache2 in Linux. So it should modify "httpd.conf":


LoadModule isapi_module modules/mod_isapi.so


AddHandler isapi-handler .dll


<Directory "\home\myapp">

Options Indexes FollowSymLinks ExecCGI

AllowOverride None

Order allow,deny

Allow from all



Alias /mywebapps "\home\myapp"


But I cannot find the folder "modules" in \etc\apache2, and alos there is none of "mod_isapi.so".

I use ubuntu 10.04 and apache2.2.14, but I don't know how to install the package "mod_isapi.so".

When I tried to "sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-isapi", but it is not there. How should I do for continue? (it can already run PHP).



Best regards.

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Yes, I use Firebird with Zeos.


Actually I am having a little bit of troubleshooting, because my app loads settings for the database connection from ini files and I get some strange errors, that I am not having when I run it as an exe on the same linux server using wine. Perhaps apache rights stuff.

I'll be back when it runs 100%

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when you install wine at linux, creates automatically on .wine folder, a folder called drive_c. At this folder I create a folder for my application, copy all the files and folder in there, including ext folder. Works fine.

Moreover I try to install it as an apache dll but as I have mentioned at post #13 I have some issues. I didn't find the time to troubleshoot because I working right now on another project. When I have something newer I will come back!  :) 

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Hi, after a lot of effort, I get the error canot load dynamic libraries fbclient.dll etc, because I use zeos and firebird database. I try several things by loading using TZConnection.LibraryLocation but still the errors exist. The strange thing is that when I execute at the same server, same path, the exe file works fine, but the dll using apache....still nothing. :unsure:

If someone can suggest something... I will be pleased.


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Hi, it's been a long time but I will try,


I try it on Ubuntu 12.04

Firstly install wine

then you must install apache for windows using wine, wine msiexec -i apache.msi,

then you place extjs folder and your application the same way like iis.


Unfortunately, I abandoned this solution because I've got this problem


and never found a solution.

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Thank's I yesterday run as like standalone server on VPS Linux Ubuntu 12.04 minimal..

Working now 250 RAM 750 CPU 10000 GB HDD



1) Install ubuntu 12.04 minimal

2) Install Mysql

3) Install wine

4) Install XFCE with vncserver

5) Download for windows vncviewer for connect from my Windows to VPS server

6) Upload my unugui.exe and runtime exjs and install with Wine Programm loader


Thank's for all

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