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Placement Of Files

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I am using IIS 8 in Windows Server 2012 R2 and plan to run my UniGUI applications (built with runtime packages) with the HyperServer ISAPI option.

The UniGUI runtime files are installed to the default directories and I have created a directory called C:\MYAPPS and copied relevant Delphi and all UniGUI's BPL files there together with Hyper_server.dll, Hyper_server.cfg and my application Hello.exe. I have renamed Hyper_server.* to Hello.*.

Later, when I have report files, I will copy them there as well.

Is this the correct and recommended way to run the UniGUI application by placing all the files in the same directory?

I am thinking of creating directories as follows but I do not know if UniGUi would like it or not:-

C:\RUNTIME (For Delphi and UniGUI BPL files)
C:\MYAPPS\APP1 (Contains Hyperserver files and files for App1)
C:\MYAPPS\APP2 (Contains Hyperserver files and files for App2)

Is this a workable alternative and if yes, do I need to set paths so that the apps will know where to find the runtime files?

(UniGUI Complete - Professional Edition

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