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Anonymous and Login Access

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Is it possible to have a login form but also have anonymous access to some forms?

ie. Based on a URL parameter,  I'd like to avoid showing the login and mainform and show a different form that doesn't require a login.  

I tried calling ShowModal() from the OnBeforeLogin event to show an 'anonymous' form if I get a particular parameter in the URL but it says Blocking method ShowModal() cannot be called here.  I also want to avoid access to the main form.

If the special param is not found, normal login and main form access would apply.  Is there a way to do this in a single app?  Or would I need to make a totally separate app that has no login form to cater for times where login is not required?

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Thanks everyone!

I'll have to try the one that kkelchev referenced.  In the meantime I had a workaround where I used the before login event and instead of creating and showing a different form, I used the main form and modified it to show only one tab with specific data, instead of the normal tabs it would normally show.  Not ideal but it worked. 

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