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Multi Hyperserver

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I got two hyperservices on the same server, 

1. crm.exe on port 8077

2. wms.exe on port 8066

I try rename hyperservice.exe to hyper_crm.exe & start the serivice and

rename hyperservice.exe to hyper_wms.exe & start the service


But sometime 8077 show wms while 8066 show crm...


Any idea ?

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I tried to have crm.cfg & crm.exe & hyper_crm.exe 

and install & start the service 

hyper_crm.exe /install crm

net start hyperservice_crm

and do the same for wms.exe but the system don't work well..

http:\\localhost:8077 sometime show wms, sometime show crm...?????


also as per uniGUI Developer Manual

First step is to copy file hyper_service.exe and hyper_service.cfg to your application folder.

Next step is to install the service. You may also rename hyper_service.exe. If you want to run several instance of HyperServer service then it is better to give a unique name to each service exe file. Don't forget that for each service executable no need a CFG file with same name.



Any idea ??

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