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How do I know if I have more than one active section?


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3 minutes ago, Sherzod said:


Você já viu esta demo ?:


I've seen the example, I'm using Hyperserver and would like to run a routine when I have no active users and while this routine is running I can not let anyone access the system, understand?

I do not know if this example works the same way using Hyper Server.

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7 minutes ago, Farshad Mohajeri said:

Atualmente, a única maneira de conseguir isso é criar uma tabela de banco de dados e criar uma entrada quando uma nova sessão é criada. Da mesma forma, você excluirá a entrada quando a sessão for liberada.

I already do this, but have a problem, when the user closes the browser in a raw way there is no way to delete the section.

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4 minutes ago, Sherzod said:

UniMainModule -> Evento OnBrowserClose?

Using the hyper server I can not tell if the Node is zero used the variable "NodeZero"? Can you tell if there are more Node created? Because if there is more than zero I know there are other open sections.

I am trying to make a database comparison and can not have any active connection at the time of the comparison.

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