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Changing (Unidbgrid) LayoutConfig (Width) run time

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I need to apply run time unidbgrid1.LayoutConfig.Width:='100%'.

I searched a few in web, and I find something similar to wich I'm thinking, but I'm not able to recustomize the code, I only produce ajax error.

UniPanel2.JSInterface.JSAssign('flex', [1]);
UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCall('doLayout', []);

Can someone help me?

Is the right way? If possible i would like to have a link to sencha documentation to understand where i can find usefull information for this tipical situation. 

Tnks a lot

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Can you please explain in more details what you wanted?

Which build are you using?

2 hours ago, cristian said:

UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCall('doLayout', []);

In the latest versions doLayout changed to updateLayout

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1 hour ago, Sherzod said:

UniPanel1.JSInterface.JSCall('updateLayout', []);

Or can you make a simple testcase for reproduce?

I need to enlarge tunidbgrid.

I'm not able to recustomize code posted in previous message.

If possible i would like a link to sencha documentation for understand how to get this kind of information by my self, please.

Test case attached



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