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Mobile screen 2X larger than designed.


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I've downloaded the latest version (march 2019) of the UNIGUI. And recompiled a mobile app that had worked on mobile phones. Now the screen layout is huge. It's about 2X taller and 2X wider than before. So now the whole form can't be fully displayed. You only get a portion of the form on the mobile screen. For example, the titlebutton that shows the cool power off icon is gigantic.


I looked at the mainmodule.MobileViewPort (initialScale and MaximumScale) properties. They were set to "2". I changed them to "1". Still no difference in the large (zoomed) display on the screen.


Is there something that I can do to make it fit again? The prior version that worked was from 2017, if that gives any clues.


I don't have a website that I can insert a "link" as a screenshot . Sorry.





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