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QrCode Reader for uniGUI

That's is my new series (old "All about x topic") and now inspired in Chelsea DOES Series... (lol) here we go.

This is the first experimental project for our future Pack 4 commercial/biz automation.
The final version will have several other features as well as QrCode generation capability etc.

This code is free and based on several JavaScript libs linked and adapted. This project design is hybrid.

Chrome only allows WebRTC access via https or localhost.
Safari ONLY https.
FireFox is the most compatible of all.
This is an HTML5 feature that has not yet been implemented in most browsers and many users have old versions. So check the browser version of your device and test with others browsers.

Website that shows what each browser supports

Mobile Compatibility with HTML5

How to use:
Copy the / files folder just below where you want to place your ISAPI or StandAlone. And let's rock !

Live Demo:

More Information, Resources, Books, and Project Packs
visit http://www.unigui.com.br (the Brazilian  portal to uniGUI). '

Enjoy... and have a good one!

Sorry: but I'm experience some health problems today... tomorrow I'll post  version with English Interface.  



Pack04-Project01 QrCode.rar

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missing a verb and a Live demo link
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Not this example thou.  But can be done.

QrCode is the most flexible due to the distance e irregular positioning.  While 1D Barcode and other format every scan reader already decodes the barcodes and may insert as  if it was some sort of keyboard attached to the device. And while everybody has a cam/webcam only those ones working with automation has this sort of equipment.  So the demand was really for QrCodes.

I have 2 barcode reader and one of them (table/cashier position, like in the ones used in stores, a multibeams scanner) can read any format available and convert on the fly by hardware to the program. While the other one can read only 16 formats except QrCode (it's a handheld single line laser beam). Single Line Beams scanner don't work with QrCodes, at least to my knowledge in the field.

Resuming, the majority of old scanner can't read QrCodes. So, it's a solution looking for  a problem.

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This looks great - thanks for posting. On a Moto E4+ mobile (chrome 73.03683.75 Android 7.1.1) I never get a prompt to allow the camera and can't find a way to enable it, the site settings within the browser only provide the option to block camera or prompt for permission (which never happens)

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I'm developing a new BarCode scanner with support to QrCode and BarCode... Any help is welcome:

Have run into some issues with ajaxRequest not firing.

About equipment, there are a lot of scanner that can read both codes formats (QrCode 2D and BarCode 1D) for less that $ 20,00. So, is more like a exercise or only if you want to run your inventory with just a smartphone and refuses to acquire a real scanner. 


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