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How can I get my URL.?


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Is there any method that I can get the Server URL? For example, my site url is 'http://Localhost:8077', I need to know if there is a method that return result to me as 'http://Localhost:8077'; Thank in advance.

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Use :




Best Regards


Thank you. By the way, I try to use per your suggestion but I get empty string instead.


 URLRef: string;
 uniLabel1.Caption:='<a href="'+URLRef+'" target=_blank>'+URLRef+'</a>';

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I wonder while debugging the the URLRef is Empty. But on the browser the UniLabel1.Caption display 'MYPDF.PDF'. when I position mouse pointer on unilabel, the correct link ('http://localhost:8077/MYPDF.PDF') shown on the status bar. If I click on the link new window open and show MYPDF.PDF correctly. I don't understand while debugging the URLRef is empty. Anybody can tell me why? Thank in advance.

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I'm trying to get the url of my application.
I use ISAPI and it works well in this way,

MyURL := UniSession.Host + UniApplication.UniSession.URLPath;

But my network administrator assigned me a different port, to the public ip.
Please look at the graph, would there be a way to get the final URL?

schema network.png

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