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Questions about Validation e Standards Modes


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Hi Farshad,


I have two questions about validation of the source code generated by the application and also about standards compliance mode of the application generated with Ext JS / Unigui.


1) I did a check through the site http://validator.w3.org/, referring to my project(www.markbook.com.br) and the report was listed with 22 errors and 11 warnings. You could try to diagnose what is more serious and what is normal for this validation?


2) After the release of 0.85 (I think), the compatibility mode in accordance with standards that are informed by Firefox is "Quirks Mode" and an X appears (image error). As verified in other sites, it is recommended to be "Standards Compilance Mode". There is some consideration regarding this current standard?


Thanks for attention,


Best Regards.

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uniGUI (Ext JS) doesn't emit static HTML so I'm not sure to what level it can be validated. In Ext JS all DOM and HTML content are created dynamically.


Ext JS recommends using Quirks mode. In Strict mode some components such as CalnedarPanel doesn't render properly. I played a lot to find best the DOCTYPE for unigui apps, but unfortunately only Quirks mode seems to work best.

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