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How to manipulate max. celltext length in an UniDBGrid

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On 1/16/2019 at 11:07 PM, Kattes said:

When I use a UniDBGrid and feed it with data from an external MySQL server, cell text gets limited i.e. truncated after 30 characters (as shown in the figure below). Is there any property which controls this behavior?


Perhaps this is due to your SQL query.

Can you provide your SQL query?

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The SQL statement I used in the first case was quite simple: select * from schools

I made a lot of further tests and finally found out that the reason for the behavior must come from uniDBGrid. For whatever reason the Grid truncates text, which is in the second column of the grid (and longer than 32 characters). After changing the order of columns in the grid by manipulating the sql statement to: select Ort, Email, Name,  Id_School from schools the email column now was affected by this effect. School names, which were truncated before are complete now - only by shifting them to a different column. 


I am pretty sure that this is not somehow related to SQL DB and that this effect can be reproduced with any kind of DB.

Are there some settings in uniDBGrid to change / stop this behavior?

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I am currently running a bit out of time with my project and unfortunately all DB examples, which get shipped with uniGui do not work under XE5 and crash my IDE. At the moment I just changed the columns order as an interim solution. But please keep an eye on this bug for any of the next planned updates.

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