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How About an "uniRX Library" ?

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Hi Folks...

For quite some time I have found and collected a lot of components here in the forum that are not include in the official uniGUI distributions. Some of them are very good in quality (like uniGMaps) and unique and while other are just regular uniGUI components with minors but good tweaks.

To "old Delphi timer" (like myself above 40), we loved Rx Library. How about we put together a "uniRX Library" free for all uniUsers ? Could work also for a "lab" and suggestions on improvements to the main uniGUI pack's without bother the development team with little requests and at the same time help the community and the folks behind uniGUI with a community compass to their work.

We should open a GitHUB Project and start from there with a Small Packs and adding as things come up. 

Who is up to the task or help it ?
What you think about ?
Is there anyone else doing it already ?

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Making it clear... it should be free to uniGUI community and works as a code donation basis as RX Library was.

You could Help by:
1- Indicating the component itself.
2- Indicating the origin (uniGUI Forum link or external link), author, author's contact and how to credit.
3- Indicating source to or providing documentation, examples or demos.
4- Helping to doc, creating demos, trying it.. etc.
5- Suggestions
6- whatever...

And of course, if you're the author of any uniGUI component, you are more than welcome to participate.

I could provide the final package with installation and format the documentation to it and notify the community whenever an update or version is available.

More suggestions ?

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