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I'm trying to use Flexcel to export data to Excel.

Everything works fine when compiling as a standalone executable.

When trying to distribute as an ISAPI dll, the dll won't even start in IIS.

Does anybody have experience with this.

There are 2 procedures to be called because Flexcel uses GDI+ but I don't know where to call them.



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when running flexcel from a dll there is a procedure you first need to load. Don’t remember the name and is away from computer but ive Done a post here some time ago so you should be able to find it here or also more info at flexcel website

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Sure. during/before first use - FlexCelDllInit 

when done/to release - FlexCelDllShutdown

FlexCelDllInit Method

Use this method to initialize FlexCel when encapsulating it in a dll.

Note that you don't normally need to call this method, as FlexCel is initialized automatically. But when you are hosting FlexCel inside a dll instead of the main application you need to call this method before calling the methods in the dll. Currently, this method will just initialize GDI+ when running in Windows, because GDI+ can't be initialized from the dll itself. When you use this method, always call FlexCelDllShutdown before closing your app.

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