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TUniCustomDBGrid.MoveToRow(): Unexpected Row number: 0, 3.


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3 hours ago, Wilton Ergon said:

em algumas telas de uso intenso, simplesmente abandonei o uso do grid, crio listas em html puro, onde o resultado visual é bem mais bonito, mais rápido, e não dá todos esses problemas, podemos nos contentar com o que ter..

If you can give me an example, I'd appreciate it, when you have the native option to mark the record, that's where the error happens

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4 hours ago, Wilton Ergon said:

in some screens of intense use, I simply abandoned the use of the grid, I create lists in pure html, where the visual result is much prettier, faster, and it doesn't give all these problems, we can make do with what we have..


Is it possible to share this code?


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We use Advantage Database Server and had the same error continuously. We fixed it by changing the following option of the TAdsTable component:

Sequenced := true;

SequencedLevel := slExact;



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