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UniDBGrid actionColumn Hint issue

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If I have a unidbgrid on form that is shown modal and i click on the button at actioncolumn that have set hint property then this modalform looses activated property for a while and then it gets back.

The button have to set Dataset.edit and unigrid show roweditor and it not happend everytime . If a click to fast or before hint is shown it sets dataset to edit but grid doesn't show roweditor.

I can see events in that order if row editor is not shown :

  1. Obj:O39
  2. Evt: actionclick
  3. columnIndex: 6
  4. buttonId: 0
  1. Obj:O26
  2. Evt: deactivate
  1. Obj:O26
  2. Evt: activate

I can see events in that order if row editor is  shown :

  1. Obj: O26
  2. Evt deactivate
  1. Obj:O39
  2. Evt:actionclick
  3. columnIndex:6
  4. buttonId:0
  1. Obj:O26
  2. Evt:activate
  1. Obj:O39
  2. Evt:beforeedit
This is happend only if a grid is modalshown and have on actioncolumn buttons setted hints !!!

Grid - ActionColumn.zip

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