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TUniDateTimpePicker Ajax Error while setting color

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I have a problem with TUniDateTimePicker.

When DateMode is set to dtmDateTime and Kind is set to tUniDateTime and I'm changing color of this datetimepicker by setting datetimepicker.color = clred Ajax exception is raising:

O106.setFieldStyle is not a function
_rsov_(O122,0);O10E.setFieldStyle("background-color:#FF0000;background-image:none");O112.setFieldStyle("background-color:#FF0000;background-image:none");O106.setFieldStyle("background-color:#FF0000;background-image:none");O11E.setFieldStyle("background-color:#FF0000;background-image:none");O122.setFieldStyle("background-color:#FF0000;background-image:none");O116.setFieldStyle("background-color:#FF0000;background-image:none");_sfv_(O52,0,"18 h 30 min");_sfv_(O72,0,"18 h 30 min");


Unigui Complete_Professional_1.50.0.1480

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