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I think my requests are not useful.

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Maybe I do not have much luck with this forum.
I have made requests to develop or modify some features,
but I have not had any answers, weeks have passed and even months have passed.

It would be enough to write that: "your requests are not useful and will not be made".

However, I asked them to improve the usability of UniGui.

Request No. 1:
If you use OnGetText for a field to automatically force the format of the relative column string in a DBGrid.
Many have complained about how to use DisplayFormat. This would have helped.


Request No. 2:
Create a UniNativeImageList that contains the names of the icons or the links.
I do not want to load all these files into UniNativeImageList as images, creating a large dfm.
It is more useful to have stored the name or the url of an image.
I do not have the sources of uniImageList.pas and therefore be able to create my TUniImageListUrls.
Even if I have paid the "uniGUI Complete - Professional Edition" version, it includes the component sources and I should also have that of the unit uniImageList.pas.


Request No. 3:
I would like to create myself a setting of my theme, as is generally done for websites, by lynching the css files.
But this is not possible.
Unigui, I do not know why, even if I do not express the name of a theme requires that of default.
I asked to use a configuration without recalling a theme, and also to publish the procedure that allows to set some variables to build one.
Logically lynching the various custom files of the css (UniServerModule.CustomFiles.Strings)

is google translate that does not translate well from Italian?
Can I have answers?




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We've neither ignored nor found them not useful. We have lots of requests still waiting in our queue, including yours. We have not ignored them, especially if it is in our support portal.

Mini Roadmap:

We will publish a bug fix release first. (Maybe more one)

After that, we will publish a feature request release. Yours will also be reviewed and addressed properly at that stage.

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Hi Gerardo,

(I write in english, even if we are both italians)
I still wait for a lot of "advanced" UI features, and none of them has been realized in the last years... :-( so porting from powerful and complex desktop apps to powerful and complex web apps is always postponed.
But I realize that there are so many things to do and the product has really improved. :-)

I hope that Farshad stops the development of the logical part for a moment and devotes himself to all our requests concerning the user interface and user input. Sometimes they are small things, but really important for us and our customers.
For example: immediate edit in dbgrid cell, without pressing Enter, like VCL dbgrid does. It save a lot ot time in user input in a grid (especially in apps with intensive input).
This (and other) little things lock us the intention to distribute the web application instead of the desktop one (yes, i want to distribuite the same apps, for desktop, local network and web).

I hope Farshad will make me happy soon... 


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Ciao Stemon63
Io mi sono limitato a segnalare limiti della libreria che non posso modificare da solo,
alle volte perché mi mancano sorgenti di unit di componenti che penso che dovrebbe distribuire ( es. uniImageList.pas)
In particolare ho chiesto modifiche per la distribuzione di progetti e la personalizzazione ( per me troppo bloccata per un uso Web).
Ci sono problematiche 
- su Combo con remotequery, 
- con gli items di TreeMenu, 
- con una diversa gestione del tasti direzione e scroll del dbgrid 
- o auto-paginazione nelle griglie del numero di righe visibili (senza lasciare spazzi vuoti o andare oltre al box visibile della griglia), 
- bloccare i form nello spostamento fuori dalla visualizzazione del browser, 
- l'uso del tasto "tab" che quando un Form in showmodal può accedere al form sottostante ... 
eccetera eccetera.


Hi Stemon63
I limited myself to reporting library limits that I can not modify alone,
sometimes because I miss component unit sources I think it should distribute (eg uniImageList.pas)
In particular I asked for changes to the distribution of projects and personalization (for me too blocked for Web use).
There are problems
- on Combo with remotequery,
- with the items of TreeMenu,
- with a different management of the direction and scroll keys of the dbgrid
- or auto-pagination in the grids of the number of visible lines (without leaving empty spaces or going beyond the visible grid box),
- blocking the forms when moving out of the browser view,
- the use of the "tab" button that when a Form in showmodal can access the form below ...
etc. and so on.


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For example: immediate edit in dbgrid cell, without pressing Enter, like VCL dbgrid does. It save a lot ot time in user input in a grid (especially in apps with intensive input).

BTW you can try to use approach from my topic:


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Hi Gerardo, 


I agree with you; I wait also for grid with partial fetch of records (without manual paging)  and advanced DBLookup (Farshad now looks up at the sky) :-)

The benefits of Unigui for Delphi developers are however remarkable; otherwise you would have to use another language and another development tools to get something decent for the web, and split the Desktop / Mobile development from the web.

So we need to insist with Farshad to get a product as close to the VCL as possible in features  and also open so that it is "easy" and "flexible". And it does not take much effort. I think it's just problems of better user interface and user interaction (and not of UNIGUI concept), features that a more mature Unigui must have... (even if I understand that porting a rich Devexpress project to web is really difficult).


Hi Tokay,
thank you for help, but it would be better if there were properties (or methods) directly in the components. It's a question of completeness of rad features, nothing else. Unigui project is unique and fantastic, but  are missing  small features that make the project difficult to release (especially when we want to add the "desktop plus" approach to the web).


Farshad, Best Job :-)




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