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Error using editor component (UniDateTimePicker)

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Could you help me with the following problem: I have an Editor (UniDateTimePicker component) associated with a column of a UniDbGrid. One of the validations when saving the record is that the Date field ("Comienzo" in the attached example) does not have a loaded date. If it has the loaded date, it generates a message warning the user of this and makes an "Abort" command so that it does not perform the saving. Now, if in the "Comienzo" column I erase the date, leaving the field visually empty, when I want to save the record again, the field still has the original value, it is not deleted even if the data in the column has been deleted.

I have attached a small project where I reply a problem (PruebaEditor.zip).
I also attach a txt file with the creation script of an interbase table with a single data record (EmFechasLiquidacion.txt).
The steps to reproduce the error are the following:

1 - Relate IBCConnection1 with the database where the EmFechasLiquicacion table was added and connect it.
2 - Activate the IbcTable1 component
3 - Run the project, press Edit and then Save in the Navigator Component and the error message will be generated.
4 - Close the error message, delete the date in the "Start" field and then save again and the message will reappear because the "Start" field still has the date originally loaded.

Thanks in advance



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