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hii.. i was try the demo for fishfact in unigui in myself pc it works... but when i distributed the application to other pc the files is cache,temp,files,log,biolifes.cds,and fishfact.exe.

then i runing the exe of fish fact it work but when i open the browser to http://localhost:8077/

in the browser nothing happen just loading label...

then i instaaled the fmsoft_unigui_beta_0.84.5.836_setup.exe

it work...

my question is what files/folder we must put in distributed pc.. are we must insttal the fmsoft_unigui_beta_0.84.5.836_setup.exe to client pc..



sory for my bad english

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ExtJS folder. When you only see a label, it is 100% you forgot about extjs.

You need to change ServerModule.ExtRoot to "ext-x.y.z\" AND copy ext-3.3.0 folder from unigui installation to your application. The default value "[ext]\" means locate extjs folder in unigui installation path, thats why in your case fishfacts started to work only after you installed unigui.

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Your project needs the EXTJS library from the unigui folder to run.

You will find it in something like X:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext-3.3.0


you can put this anywhere, but you need to tell the uniservermodule where it is (see image)


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