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Google Maps Marker Listener Event - Read Title - How

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I have a need to read the Title of the Marker being dragged but all my attempts fail, everything else works as expected - please advise how to read the Title inside the Listener Event - Thanks in advance.

                     '  marker.addListener("drag", dragEvent);'+
                     '  function dragEvent(event)'+
                     '  {'+
                     '    var latitude = event.latLng.lat(); '+
                     '    var longitude = event.latLng.lng(); '+
                     '    var myTitle = marker.title; '+ // this.title(), this.getTitle(), event.title(), event.getTitle(), marker.title(), marker.getTitle()
                     '    ajaxRequest(GPSmForm.UnimHTMLFrame1, "_BgnDragPoint", ["Lat="+latitude, "Lng="+longitude, "Title="+myTitle]);'+
                     '  }'+

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