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Edmar Frazao

How to Print a Local Printer in unigui?

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I have a printer installed on Android see model.

The printer is integrated.

How to print via unigui?

Viewing a PDF and choosing the print option from the browser would be an option.

But I want to print right on the local printer







in portugues:


Eu tenho uma impressora instalada no Android veja modelo.

A impressora é integrada.

Como imprimir via unigui?

Visualizar um pdf e escolher a opção imprimir do navegador seria uma opção.

Mas quero imprimir direto na impressora local

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To access a local printer directly you have to set up and

go through a local process, and there are several ways to do that.


One is cross-origin resource sharing, CORS, and then the local

process runs an http server being triggered by a JS client call.


Another simple way is polling, like your local process does a

regular db polling to see if there is something to be printed.


A third way is to start messing with some addons like flash

or java to get direct hardware access. In this case the local

process is loaded on demand, in the previous cases it must

be running beforehand to serve the request.

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