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extevent runtime

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I have this for some components:


               tunibitbtn(formulario.components[n]).ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['onadded']:='function add(sender, container, pos, eOpts)'+
                    ' { sender.addCls(''myOKboton'');}';


I'd like to do something similar for some forms:


               formulario.ClientEvents.ExtEvents.Values['onwindowadded']:='function window.add(sender, component, index, eOpts)'+
                    ' { sender.addCls(''myForm'');}';



But this don't work.


I don't know with is the correct event.


Some idea?



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I¡ve been reviewing some posts in the forums, but I can't find a way to do it.


I "only" want to change border color of a form in run time, like I can do with buttons.


Any idea?



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